Company Data
Company name Komiya Sports Center Co.,Ltd.
Head Office 3-21-6 Tamagawa,Setagaya-ku,Tokyo 158-0094,Japan
Distribution Center 1-14-30 Seki, Tama-ku,Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa 214-0022,Japan
Founded April 1962
Incorporated April 1967
Capital 10,000,000 yen
Associated Company KSO Co.,Ltd.
Member Organization International Associatation of Amusement Parks and Attractions(IAAPA)
Japan Amusement Industry Association(JAIA)
Japan Inflatable Products Safety Association(JIPSA)
1962 Komiya Sports Center is founded.
First professional gymnastics taem in Japan(Golden Arms) is
established.Golden Arms appears on television,stage,etc.(Drifters).
1967 Komiya Sports Center is incorporated.
Begin operation of trampoline venue at Amusement parks.
Appearance on children’s character television programs (Ultraman,Mask Rider,etc.).
1969 Begin manufacturing,sales and rental of sports equipment.
1982 Expansion manufacturing,rental and sales of sports tools for television commercials.
1984 Start of carnival and event business (planning ,operation,etc.).
1992 Opening of Distribution Center in Kawasaki-shi,Kanagawa-ken.
1996 Start of import / export business with amusement manufacturers in the U.S.A.,England,Germany and other countries.
Expansion of event business nationwide.
2002 Inflatable Festival held throughout Japan.
2004 Planning / Operation of Summer Carnivals for promotion of individual TV stations.
2006 Planning / Producing / Operation of Carnivals for promotion of various Asian Countries.
2007 “KSO CO.,Ltd” established for planning and producing international events.
Change of company name to “Komiya(コミヤ) Sports Center Co., Ltd.”
from “Komiya(小宮) Sports Center Co.,Ltd.” with expansion of business.